More than a pressotherapy?

Do good to your circulatory system, offer him the method of Pressotherapy.

Pressotherapy is a novel method designed to boost the blood and lymphatic circulatory system.

It allows to reproduce the muscular contractions of a moving body while remaining elongated. The three patents incorporated into our technology allow a much greater circulatory system than any conventional pressotherapy. By providing complementary actions, pressotherapy works directly on the return circulation and offers ever more effective and pleasant treatments. The alveoli of the boots (chamber) fill with air at a rate defined by the program and thus exert multiple and gentle pressure on the body. The circulation is thus activated, and the toxins better eliminated. The technique is used more and more in aesthetics (cellulite) or for well-being (heavy legs).

Pressure therapy has been used by health professionals for over 45 years to work on the circulatory system of the blood and lymphatic system. The results on the venous return and the improvement of the blood circulation appear obvious but it is different for the lymphatic network. Exploratory technological evolutions in human biology have made it possible to realize certain limits *.

The major compressions crush the lymphatic capillary network. Phenomenon accentuated by the position and weight of the patient lying in the boots. In addition, current pressotherapy uses slow intermittent compressions that do not accord with the circulatory rhythm of the body. With this in mind, Starvac has developed and integrated patenting technology to overcome the weaknesses of conventional pressotherapy.

Why ?

The effects of lymphatic drainage are numerous: it increases up to three times the flow of the lymph, activates the elimination of toxins and waste, ensures the overproduction of lymphocytes, improves the defense of the body. From an esthetic point of view, the lymphatic drainage makes it possible to combat the inconveniences related to the problems of retention of water, circulation and fat: it helps to diminish the minor varicose veins, the problems of heavy legs and the cellulite.Lymphatic drainage also induces a revivification of the skin and can significantly reduce skin dryness by ensuring good hydration. Lymphatic drainage generally contributes to cellular rejuvenation by nourishing cells and eliminating toxins as it increases the quality and overall functioning of the body.

Conduct of a session

The client comfortably lying down, the legs slightly raised, is equipped with boots and belt double flexible vinyl wall. Once the compressor is running, it will feel sequential, soft and quite painless during a session of 20 to 30 minutes. Well-being and relaxation assured.


Immediately, it is on the feeling of heavy legs that disappears. The technique is particularly effective to improve venous and lymphatic return. so the well-being is tangible from the first session, a result that can last as long as the sessions are regular and close together, at least initially. A more or less long term and a relatively intensive course (12-15 sessions and regular reminders) pressotherapy by acting on water retention can reduce some types of cellulite, improve the appearance of orange peel and to refine the silhouette.

It is a technique that is often used in addition to manual lymphatic drainage or in addition to aesthetic techniques such as Ultrasound, Cellular Stretching, Cavitation …